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Top 10 Summer Energy Savers
(for single family homes only)
10. Use compact fluorescent light instead of incandescent where possible. It gives you the same light output for a third to half the cost, and fluorecents produce less heat.
9. Caulk and weatherstrip leaky windows and doors.
8. Reduce heat by shading eastern and western exposure windows with tin or solar screen. For extra shade, plant plenty of threes and shrubs.
7. Leaks in your A/C's supply and return ducts can cause high bills.
6. Attics should have at least 10-12 inches of insulation. Homes built before 1980 tend not to have adequate insulation.
5. If your A/C's central unit is older than 12 years consider replacing it with a more efficient unit. A/C costs can be reduced 30 percent or more.
4. Check your A/C's filter monthly or, to help you remember, each time you get your bill.
3. Central units should be serviced every year by trained A/C contractors.
2. User ceiling fans to feel cooler and remember to turn them off when you leave a room.
1. Set your thermostat between 78-80 degrees and make sure the fan switch is set on "Auto", not "On". Each degree you raise the thermostat above 78 degree will save 6 to 8 percent on your cooling bill. If you're leaving for more than four hours, turn the thermostat up to 85 degrees.